Anne's Story

The summer of 2015, I attended the then-called EE Discover Internship in Fiji.  I was looking forward to spending 6 months with others from around the world for evangelism training and a concentrated time to seek the Lord for direction and calling. Since I had already done full-time ministry and felt fulfilled at my job as a French teacher, I wasn’t expecting to join EE or go into full-time ministry.  While I had been trained in many areas of ministry and learned to value training, I had never been trained in evangelism.

The 6 weeks was more amazing and wonderful than I could’ve imagined.  Our group really bonded together, and the community living was so valuable and enriching.  We learned about ourselves as individuals, both our personalities and our strengths. We learned how to share the Gospel and how to train others to do so; then we ran a couple of clinics where we put it into practice.  Another treasure was the intentionality of daily quality time in God’s presence. Being removed from busy-ness and distractions of everyday life and put into a remote setting was conducive to hear from the Lord.

Throughout the internship, it was as though a veil was being lifted and several things that the Lord had been preparing me for or speaking to me about over many years was all coming together.  By the end of the internship, to my surprise, I realized that the Lord was calling me back to full-time ministry and it seemed even with EE. I spent the next year teaching French and discerning if God was indeed calling me to leave my job, family, and life as I knew it.  Long story short, I did and am now serving full-time with EE in Europe and beyond. For me, the internship was a significant part of the process and journey that God has used in my life to lead me for what He has prepared for me.