To equip a global team of young adults to help change the world by making Jesus known

Changing the world is Biblical! Acts 17:6 refers to the early Christians as “those who turned the world upside down” with the good news of Jesus Christ. EE Changemakers exists to equip the next generation and send them out to do the same – to tap into the millennial passion for creating a better world and give Gospel centered direction.

EE Changemakers embraces EEI’s dedication to the spiritual growth of individuals and to the multiplication of the Gospel. The program seeks to raise up young leaders who will be dedicated to EEI’s vision: Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person.

By 2030, our prayer is that EE Changemakers would be established in every region of the world and that one hundred new ‘Changemakers’ would be equipped and sent every year!