Ashley's Story

My grandma came to me at the beginning of 2015 saying she had heard about an opportunity to attend a summer internship in Fiji run by Evangelism Explosion. This is a testimony of how God used this summer internship to radically change my life:

When I was first presented with the opportunity to be an intern, I thought that my Grandma and everyone encouraging me to go were crazy! The opportunity came at a time when I was just coming out of a period of doubt and spiritual “numbness” and was starting to fall in love with God again. God was moving in my life in undeniable ways, but I still didn’t think that I was good enough to be used by Him. I wrote down a list of 7 or so reasons why I couldn’t possibly go and begun praying over this list. Within a week, God had ‘crossed’ every reason of my list and reassured me that he wanted to use me – a vessel for his purposes. I booked a ticket to Fiji that night. 

The internship was so life-changing for me because of how much I grew spiritually. The internship program gave me an opportunity to be relentless in my pursuit of God and His calling on my life without any of the distractions of being an employed full-time college student. Before going on the internship, I was a third-year senior in university. I changed my major so many times! Even when I was in a period of ignoring God, I was never fully satisfied with what I was studying. I first felt the call to the mission field during high school, but I never had an opportunity to explore any avenue for this calling. The internship provided that! I was trained to confidently share my faith and I was equipped to train others also. I fell in love with EE’s model of multiplication and with my experience in training leaders in retail management, I wanted to be a part of training leaders for the cause of Christ.

The internship was also life-changing for me because it is where I met my now husband. He had also felt the call to the mission field in high school and was seeking God’s call on his life. Together we are taking responsibility of this new ministry program (EE Changemakers) run through Evangelism Explosion International. We will be raising up the next generation of for Gospel centered ministry through Evangelism Explosion. In the EE Changemakers program, we ask that interns commit to serving God for two years. Our time on the internship impacted both of our lives in such significant ways, and we encourage anyone thinking about going into ministry to prayerfully consider joining us!