Mitch's Story

I attended the 2015 Pacific Internship in Fiji run by Evangelism Explosion. I am originally from Australia and have done a fair amount of travel around the world, but the six weeks that I spent in Fiji have been the most significant of my life so far. For a start, it’s where I met my wife so that’s significant. Both of us felt God’s call to the mission field years before the internship in Fiji. Little did we know that God was calling us not only to each other, but also to our ministry.

On the internship, I had the opportunity to seek God and the calling that he had on my life. We spent a lot of time sharing Jesus with locals and training fellow believers to be faithful witnesses, which helped to confirm my calling into full time ministry. It was such a joyful time, being with 16 other young adults from all around the world – we all grew in our love for God, his Word, and for the lost.

I went on the internship at a stage in my life where I wasn’t sure what direction I was headed and over the six weeks, God awakened me to the prospect of serving him through Evangelism Explosion International. The internship challenged me to truly surrender my life to Christ and to make my life all about the Glory of God and the souls of men. God has given us the opportunity to make this a reality by directing this new ministry program (EE Changemakers) with my wife . We will have the privilege of raising up young people around the world who want to make a difference for Jesus’ sake!